The advantages: PHONOTHERM ® 200


  • 100 % water resistant
    No swelling, no decay, constant material strength and stability.
  • Can be worked with traditional carbide tools
    Drilling, sawing, moduling, grooving, sanding, screwing, etc.; even the finest moulding patterns are possible without chipping.
  • Otimal insulating properties
    Better K values than particle and wood-fibre boards or solid plastic boards. 
  • Available in different densities for your requirements:
    500, 700 kg/m³.
  • High stability desprite low weight 
    in comparison to conventional insulation boards.
  • Dimensions and thicknesses of the boards can be tailored to your specific requirements -
    slot and key design optional.
  • Easy coating of board and moulds
    e. g. with aluminium, HPL, CPL, plastic, foils, etc., or with liquid coating.
  • Excellent base material for tiles and plaster
  • Contains no formaldehyde
  • Breathable / steam permeable
  • 100 % recyclable