Our Service for your inidividual requirements!


Our CNC machining center can manufacture individually tailored cuts for your particular application!




Nothing is out of the question! We have at our disposal:

  • 4-side plane / planing machine
  • Adhesive lamination
  • Coating equipment
  • Grinding
  • Frame press - enlarging of panels
  • Veneering press - duplication of panels
  • Panel dividing saw

CNC-Zuschnitte Phonotherm


Boundless applications


You have always been able to demand a lot from our panels. Now you can expect even more! We get your panels into the right shape. A wide range of

cutting forms is possible: cuts to individual customers wishes, e. g. strips, panel cuts with a max. panel thickness of 65 mm, and panel cuts with a

max. panel width of 3600 mm (possible lengthwise cuts).

Fräs-Bilder Phonotherm


Drilling, sawing, milling!

  • Drilling of holes and openings
  • Drilling of hole rows and holes for fittings and hardware
  • Slot and edge milling with various angles
  • Milling of an all-round slot or key with max. thickness 30 mm
  • Bevelling of outsides edges
  • Special milling forms


We have a lot to offer: Our CNC machining centre produces the exact-fitting forms parts for your particular application. We drill, saw and mill your form parts up

to a maximum panel size of 1200 x 3500 mm. Both inside and outside contours can be milled, in line with your individual specifications.